Paradise Lost 2

18 Mar Paradise Lost 2

7pm Adrian Boult Hall

£11 (£9) advance

£12 (£10) on the door

Conductor Richard Baker
Thallein Ensemble

Joe Cutler Without Fear of Vertigo
Seán Clancy Five Lines of Music Slow Down and Eventually Stop
Ed Bennett new piece
Howard Skempton Gemini Dances
Michael Wolters Emmaus Pages
Samuel Leith Taylor new piece
Fumiko Miyachi Cl2
Yannis Kyriakides Words and Song Without Words

A rare opportunity to hear works by these accomplished composers in one concert including three world premi.res. A fitting finale for the last Frontiers Festival to ever take place in the Adrian Boult Hall!

This is the second of two concerts inspired by a public reading of Milton’s Paradise Lost in Paradise Forum by Samuel Leith Taylor and Paul Zaba in 2015.

In the framework of the Rostrum+ project, BCU among various didactic activities, introduces every year in the academic program some works from the catalogue of the International Rostrum of Composers.

This cooperation project co-funded the Creative Europe programme of the European Union aims to rethink the ways in which contemporary music connects with audiences through radio network by exploring new strategies to develop audiences, promote new music, enhance the skills of radio professionals and inspire cooperation between musicians, higher music education institutions and broadcasting companies.

The presented work by Yannis Kyriakides won the International Rostrum of Composers in 2014.

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