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Free event

Presented in association with HFWAS and Minerva Works.

SOUNDkitchen, in collaboration with Frontiers Festival, presents an extended immersive sonic experience of stereophonic and multichannel works. This event is the culmination of a recent call-for-works and focusses on pieces that accentuate the changing use of technology in electronic music, from subtle uses of analogue tape to the shredding extremes of digital. Multichannel works will be presented in their original format whilst stereo pieces will be diffused in real-time over the loudspeaker array by members of the SOUNDkitchen collective.
SOUNDkitchen is a Birmingham-based organisation which promotes composers and artists working in the field of sound. At its core is a collective of composers with a background in electroacoustic and experimental music. SOUNDkitchen provides a regular platform for local artists to explore, experiment and present their work alongside that of international composers and sound artists. It offers a programme of exciting and eclectic new music that uses technology to form part of the aesthetic experience.

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Home for Waifs and Strays is a live art initiative based in Birmingham and housed in the ever growing cultural hub that is Minerva Works in Digbeth. The venue acts as a performance space for both the members of HFWAS and for general public. Due to the malleable nature of the space it is often used for workshops, performance events or for people looking to simply test out an idea.

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